The DevOps Transformation – Part 3 (and final)

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Warning: The DevOps cargo cult

The DevOps cargo cult manifests when by imitating some of the practices or structures of a more successful enterprise, misguided businesses might expect to gain some of the same rewards. But this is a recipe for failure. Why? Because neither the problem nor solution is fully understood.

This lack of understanding then results in what’s known as the myth dream. In an enterprise setting, the myth dream phenomenon results in leaders frequently missing the point, blindly building DevOps teams or running headlong after some element of the practice without understanding the underlying principles. They’ve probably seen the fruits of successful DevOps, and they do their best to ape the practices that apparently lead to these rewards.

As with any cargo cult, these people are well-meaning, and they correctly identify some of the characteristics of the system and the results that can be achieved. But ultimately, they are misguided, and their attempts to emulate what they see results in wasted time and resources.

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